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Fresh Start 2018

Hey guys!

So for those of you who keep up with me, especially if you're on my website currently, you've probably noticed that I am in the middle of a major branding overhaul. Well, there's a reason for that, and it's slightly funny (at least to me), but very much needed as I continue to push forward in my entertainment career. 

I have a rare, difficult-for-many-to-spell, last name. 

And if you're reading this thinking, "No s#!t, Sherlock!", believe me that I am thinking the same thing nearly anytime whenever people tell me that (Not hating though! I've just been hearing it regularly since I was a little kid.). However, while building a name and a reputation for myself, because people have had trouble spelling it trying to find me to stream or download my music, I figured the best way for people to catch on besides opening and closing with my name at shows is by making my name my simple, easy-to-read, yet also very much me, logo. And I will say that since first testing this out in September 2017, it's started help me to make some headway in gaining new fans both in the US and around the world. 

In addition to branding, I have been working on building a team. 

Yes! A team. Why? Simple. As I've gotten older, I've learned the hard way to work smarter, not harder, and sometimes it's better to entrust someone talented in a skill you don't have rather than taking extra time to learn to do it yourself. Not to mention, as a Christian woman, reading passages about Jesus and the 12 disciples who worked together to help others, I can't help but feel like that says something about effective leadership. It's been a slow, yet steady process building my team up, but I feel confident that I've got some awesome people on my side who together, we'll conquer the music industry...or at least for now, in the sense of building my career so I can work more on getting music out for you guys and traveling the world to perform for you all while helping people along the way. 

How do I plan on helping people?

Well, it's like this. Because being an independent artist, especially in the early stages, means you're investing a lot of time and money in building your career from the ground up, I'm constantly studying the most effective way to get my music and messages out to you guys. I know I'm not the only independent artist out there doing this either, but I haven't really seen many opportunities for the "starving artist" to learn that don't require you have a relatively comfortable savings account. So while I'm not exactly mapping out a "get rich quick" scheme, much less trying to get famous (Fame is genuinely a terrifying thing for me to process potentially happening with me, but I know to some extent it has to happen in order for me to successfully share the messages I hope to share with the world.)one thing I do plan to implement for my fellow independent artists on my site is a tip of the week that may help you in building your career, reputation, and fans that has either helped me or an artist I know personally. And for all of the non-artist or creator fans of mine reading my blog, or even those I haven't met yet- I do hope and plan to help you too in some capacity. I plan to get more involved in causes very dear to my heart this year, like domestic violence, cancer in every form, and women's issues, whether it's a fundraising live-stream request show, social media silent auctions...I mean, for the most part, I'm pretty open minded when it comes to doing something to help other people. And while I don't exactly have the budget like a superstar like Taylor Swift to do this, I do have the heart and motivation to do it, and in the end, that's really all that matters. 

I'm not about to pretend like any of what I do is a walk through the park.

Yes. You did read that correctly. One of my resolutions for this year was to work to erase the myth that building a career in the music industry is as easy as different television talent competitions or movies tend to make it out to be. I'm going to be pretty transparent, within reason, with you guys, because I feel like that's really what we all want from people anyway- authenticity. So I'm going to show you what I can- the highs, the lows, the tricks I do to save money as I do this (since no matter your budget, it never hurts to save), and everywhere in-between. And as you all do get to know me, if you ever have any questions or comments for me, I'll do my best to answer them, even though sometimes it may take me awhile to get back to you.  

So here's to a fresh start to 2018! 

Thank you all SO much for your support thus far. I wouldn't be able to be sharing what I am today without you all. God bless.


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