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Chapter One

It's officially been two months since I last wrote to you guys (Sorry!!), and a lot has happened in such a short period of time. 

For starters, the inspiration behind my last post, unfortunately lost their battle to cancer shortly after I posted. As tough as that has been to adjust to, it's at the same time, been a great motivator for me, because it's made me realize and accept that life is too short not to do all of the things we tell ourselves we want to do, or will do eventually. I say that because...well... think about it. As kids we play with dolls and say one day we'll be a mom or dad, then what feels like five minutes later we actually are. One minute we're 12 watching some romantic comedy daydreaming of our future wedding day, and the next we're walking down the aisle to the man or woman of our dreams. Life is too short to remain stagnant...hence what I'm considering has been my "YOLO" month this year. 

At the beginning of this month I put a deposit on an apartment in the Big Apple. I had been hired for what I thought would be the perfect job, the apartment was in an adorable neighborhood in a "reasonable" (by New York's standards) price range, and everything just seemed to be perfect...until I got a reality check. As it turned out, the job was nothing like what had been pitched to me, and with it taking that much more time away from creating music, it would've been crazy for me to go. And as I was attempting to figure out my next steps, my longtime-boyfriend got his Match Day results, and he's officially having to move south for at least the next year. 

Cue panic...or at least initially for both of us. This wasn't what either of us were wanting or expecting, but if anything I feel like it was just another sign that God is active both in our relationship and our career planning, because if you've gotten to know God like I have, He's the master of throwing last minute curveballs. However...I did luck out. I'm getting out of the NYC apartment, and what I'd put into that, I'm going to now be putting into music over the next couple months, because where he's headed is also very close to a big music city I'd not initially considered, and he won't have to be there until the summer, which buys me a couple months of writing and recording time if I were to make the move with him. In a weird way...I feel like the last couple years have been the prologue to my musical story, and I'm beginning to turn the page to Chapter One. So that's what led to this week's slightly intimidating decision- to drop everything and focus exclusively on music. 

I KNOW. Intimidating? Yes. Challenging? Maybe initially, because I'll have to be more on top of motivating myself to get creative and put myself out there, but I feel like I can pull it off. But if there's one thing I've realized to be true over the years, (and I'm pretty sure there's a Bible verse that says something to this effect too, but don't quote me) its that if God can lead you to something, He can lead you through it. It's been nearly three years now that God opened a huge door for me in music to start getting to know the industry, so it's about damn time that I get over my irrational fears in that area and just go for it! Because let me tell you- all of YOU have been some pretty impressive motivation for me. YES! I AM TALKING ABOUT YOU, THE ONES READING THIS! 

In the last couple months as I've been attempting to sort out my personal life, I have been receiving so many kind messages of support, requests for my EP/Album which aren't done yet, and even a couple of performance requests, and I'll tell you what, it's those kind of messages, along with meeting another well known producer wanting to hear more from me in the last week, that's made me realize that as intimidating as it can be nowadays to be a female artist in the public eye, I can do it. I've got you guys who seem to already like me for just ripping into life without a filter in song, and I mean, that's who I am- in life and in music I generally am an open, unfiltered book when it comes to what's on my mind. It's huge for me to realize that the world (or at least some of it) thinks like me in that we don't want to dance around something forever, because that doesn't get a point across. While words speak, actions speak louder, so here's to doing the thing that intimidates the hell out of us, regardless of what it may be, and rocking it!

Got a lady or gent in your life you want to spend the rest of your life with? Propose! Been feeling like a career change of some sort is in order (like myself), but you're not sure where to start? Google search your dream career, whatever it is that may be, and start working towards it! In the mood to move to a new place? 15 minutes or 15,000 miles away, just follow your gut and do it! Life is too short to keep wondering. Take the steps to the next chapter of your life, regardless of how big or small they may be, and I can assure you that at the end of the day, you'll be glad you did. 

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